Hunters Hot Springs, facing northwest, 1909.Hunters Hot Springs, facing northwest, 2000.

Hunters Hot Springs, facing south, 1909.Hunters Hot Springs, facing east, 2000.

HHS Post Office - 1897 - John Savage (center).John Savage (center) Fannie Officer (right).

Hunters Hot Springs postcard, photo taken circa 1913, facing southwest. This shows a 1910 annex on the left and C. B. Mendenhall's
1888 annex on the right. In the middle is the square-fronted facade of Dr. Hunter's original dwelling.

Hunters Hot Springs postcard, circa 1909, facing east.
On the left is the Officer family house; on the right is the Hunters Hot Springs Hotel.

Hunters Hot Springs postcard, photo taken circa 1909, facing west.
Although the caption at the bottom claims that this building is part of the Dakota Hotel,
this building is the Rich Hotel. A portion of the Hunters Hot Springs Hotel is visible at left.


1909 HHS town site photo from Doris Whithorn

1: Cyrus B. Mendenhall's 1888 annex.
2: The entrance to the Hunters Hot Springs Hotel.
3: Post Office and store. The Officer family "Big House" was built on this site after 1909.
4: Original Officer family dwelling.
5: Mendenhall's 1886 bath house.
6: The laundry hut.
7: Dr. Hunter's bath house, built in 1875. This bath house is depicted in the "Leeson's History Of Montana" 1885 sketch.
8: The schoolhouse. In 1912, this structure was moved east about 300 feet.