My deepest thanks and most enduring regards to the people who contributed their time and resources to this project. For such assistance, in helping to solve the mystery of the Hunters Hot Springs group photo, the following people are honored and remembered fondly:

Dorothy Barber - Livingston, Montana - Grandchild of W.C Officer and Fannie Officer
Jerry Brekke - Livingston, Montana - Livingston Enterprise history editor
Daniel Buck - Washington, DC - Wild Bunch historian
Jim Dullenty - Hamilton, Montana - Old West researcher and writer
Deb Greenough - Red Lodge, Montana - Greenough family descendant
Miles Iverson - Livingston, Montana - Hunters Hot Springs chronicler
Betty Jarrett - Big Timber, Montana - C. B. Mendenhall descendant
Harold Johnson - Bozeman, Montana - Former proprietor of Hunters Hot Springs
Bev Josephson - Big Timber, Montana - Crazy Mountain Museum
Wayne Kindred - Rockwood, Tennessee - Wild Bunch historian
Martha Kohl - Helena, Montana - Montana Historical Society
John Kuyten - Victoria, British Columbia - DPI Computer Graphics
Christen Linn - Red Lodge, Montana - Greenough family archivist
Mert Malek - Brady, Montana - Maurice Britton associate
Nicholas Mitchell - Los Angeles, California - Information source
Lory Morrow - Helena, Montana - Montana Historical Society
Dorman Nelson - Los Angeles, California - Liver Eating Johnston biographer
Jeanne Parker - Red Lodge, Montana - Carbon County Historical Society
Sharon Pohlman - Seeley Lake, Montana - Hunter family and Rich family archivist
Margaret Rootes - Nashwauk, Minnesota - Harry Britton descendant
Susan Russell - Nye, Montana - A. J. Hunter descendant
Barbara Sell - Big Timber, Montana - W. C. Officer descendant
Tom Shellenberg - Livingston, Montana - Information source
Doris Whithorn - Livingston, Montana - Park County Museum