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The History of this line of the Hunter family begins in Virginia with (1) Andrew Hunter and Jane PLEASANTS; (2) William Hunter and Charity LOFTUS; and (3) John Hunter and Sarah (Sallie) PRICE (the Price line goes back from here six generations in Virginia).

Andrew Jackson Hunter was born on March 18, (in 1815 or 1816) to John Hunter and Sarah Price Hunter in Virginia, a fourth generation Hunter and the youngest of sixteen children. In 1818, receiving a land grant (possibly) for his services in the War of 1812, John Hunter moved his family from Cumberland County, Virginia through the Cumberland Gap to Cumberland County, Kentucky. There they started a farm/plantation on Judio Creek, raising tobacco. John Hunter died there in 1820/21 and the male children of the household were placed with guardians. Sarah continued to live on the plantation with the girls, but the three youngest boys were placed as apprentices with "professional people" by their guardians. Andrew and William were sent to live with doctors and Shores went with a saddle maker.

According to THE PROGRESSIVE MEN OF THE STATE OF MONTANA, Andrew Jackson Hunter spent five years in the office of Doctor Rogers of Louisville, Kentucky, then he attended "a good medical college." After this, he moved to Lousiana and held a medical practice there for five more years. Doctor Hunter then practiced medicine in several other states, including Missouri, Kentucky and Arkansas. It was in Arkansas where A. J. Hunter first saw what he believed to be the healing powers of sulpher water hot springs. Dr. Hunter was 5'5" and had blue eyes. In later years, Hunter had a full gray beard. All of A. J.'s brothers were over six feet. A. J. married first, to Lucy Ann Philpott who lived on a neighboring plantation to his mom. They had two children, a son named Samuel and a daughter, Ardell.

A. J. Hunter's mother died in 1854 and his sister, Charity, ran the plantation. A. J.'s wife, Lucy, died before 1858 and Dr. Hunter moved to Missouri where he met and married Susannah Celeste MURRAY on October 12, 1858. Susannah was between 5' and 5'1" tall. Dr. Hunter continued his medical practise and Susannah had a child in Missouri, Mary Lee Hunter, born on July 7, 1859. Later, a son, Davis Boureguard, was born on February 25, 1861.

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